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Personal Training  
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  Lisa VanBaalen       Sherri Irving  
    (218) 390-1557

(218) 591-6407

    “Doing a bodybuilding show gave me a goal to shoot for, but learning to live a lifestyle of health and fitness by
working with my trainer and going through a lifestyle transformation myself has been the most rewarding part of this journey. If I can help anyone else make some of these same changes it will make it even more worth it.
Having spent 15 years as a therapist has helped me figure out some of the emotional causes of eating and has
been a significant factor in my ability to help others in their quest to make positive life changes.”
      "It’s my passion. It makes me happy to help someone reach their fitness goals. To help them make that lifestyle change they have been dreaming about. To give them the knowledge to continue this lifestyle without me. To hear them say, “I feel so good, I have energy and
strength!” That’s a great feeling, as a personal trainer."
    Stephanie Priolo       Karen Johnson, CPT    
    (218) 348-2027
      Cell: (218) 340-0344
Phone: (218) 729-7809
    Certified Personal Trainer
- Certified in Sports Nutrition
- Natural Pro Bikini Competitor
- Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini Competitor

Growing up, I battled with weight issues as a typical female sometimes does. Although I was always athletic and active I just didn’t know what foods to eat or what was healthy for my body. As a result, I was frustrated and tried anything I saw on television, in a magazine or whatever the hot new fad diet was. It wasn’t until I actually started researching proper nutrition & training that my physique really began to transform.

Since then, I’ve been dedicated to expand my knowledge in regards to effectively working WITH the body to build lean, tone muscle & burn fat. If you would like to discuss how I can help you reach your goals, feel free to contact me ator email. I’m looking forward to helping you bring out your “inner sparkle”!
      Certified Personal Trainer, NETA
Certified Group Exercise Instructor, NETA
Sports Nutrition & CPR certified by ER

Personal Background
:  My husband and I have been married since 1988. We have four children. I’ve been a farm girl, physical therapy aide while in college, and a special education K-12 teacher. For years I was a Weight Watchers member with off & on success. At age 40, I joined my first gym, hired a personal trainer, and learned how to eat and exercise for fat loss without losing muscle or feeling starved. I’ve learned how to plan & eat nutritious meals and how to exercise smart for fat loss, strength, maintaining flexibility and for a lifetime of healthy living.

Training:  My Personal Trainer certification and Group Exercise certification is through NETA.  I have a Sports Nutrition certification & am CPR certified through Expert Rating.  I’ve been personal training since June, 2007.  I train each client individually according to their fitness goals.

:  I’m passionate about helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle and reach their personal fitness goals. Whether you want to lose body fat, increase strength, tone up, build muscle, or learn to pose for a physique competition, I'd love to help you.
  "You're Gonna Love it Here!"  
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